5 best coffee shops in Berlin

5 best coffeeshops in Berlin

Either it is for its amazing nightlife scene or remarkable history, Berlin is one of the most visited European metropolises. If you’re visiting the streets of the German capital, a good cup of coffee is what you need to keep the pace.

Get to know 5 of the best coffee shops in Berlin and what makes these special spots so renowned.

# Father Carpenter Coffee Brewer  

With just a glance at this place, you know you have found one of the best coffee shops in Berlin. How can you tell? If the busy tables with happy customers are not enough proof, the smell of their just brewed coffee will make you stop. 

Father Carpenter has a cozy atmosphere which is perfect for gathering with your friends. The coffee and infusions are of excellent grade, served by the elite baristas in Berlin.

# Zeit für Brot

If you need a place to have breakfast at the start of the day, this coffee shop is for you. The specialty of the house is to offer you the best bread. As the name translates “Time for bread,” freshly baked bread is guaranteed.

Of course, the coffee offered here is one of the best in the city. Food and coffee quality is well-known locally. You can notice this on the busy breakfasts, but don’t worry, the staff service is top-notch. The chill atmosphere of the local is perfect for gatherings with friends.

# Westberlin Bar&shop

Get to know one of the most stylish coffee shops in Berlin. This coffee shop is located right in the middle of Berlin and is close to tourist attractions like Check Point Charlie. A nice cup of coffee will recharge you with energy if you plan to make a sightseeing tour in this part of the city.

The Scandinavian style of the place is fresh and comfortable. Also, the coffee and meal offered are highly acclaimed. As part of the menu, you can enjoy sandwiches and sweet treats like apple crumble cake, cheesecakes, and chocolate cakes.

# Distrikt Cofee

The romantic atmosphere of this coffee shop in Berlin is a good scenario for a date.  Enjoy here the taste of a cup of coffee brewed from local and international coffee beans. The menu serves full-day options for breakfast and lunch.

You can enjoy a delicious coffee or take your time and try one delicious breakfast. Not to mention all the cake variety always available. The far-off tables allow you to chat with pleasant privacy.

# Silo Coffee

One of your best options if you want an exceptional selection of coffee is Silo Coffee. In a way to provide the best for coffee lovers, you have the option to enjoy your favorite roasted coffee and also purchase and take it home with you.

Not only the variety of roasts is huge, but the different techniques to process the coffee can lead you to experience new flavors. The menu uses excellent quality ingredients combined in meals that will make your breakfast special.  

# Your are on a tour through Europe?

Find the best coffeeshops here and you know where to spend your coffee time!