Best Coffeeshops in Melbourne for Co-working

Best Coffeeshops in Melbourne for Co-working

Are you a freelancer or setting up your own business remotely? The chances are that you might in search for a comfortable, yet productive co-working space. When it comes to the concept of co-working spaces, coffee shops and small cafes are gaining huge impetus amongst the freelancers and other remote workers.

Melbourne is home to a huge population of young students and workers who call the capital their home. At the same time, Melbourne is also referred to as the “coffee capital” of Australia. As such, you can interestingly come across a myriad of coffee shops and sweet cafes set up for people who wish to study or work remotely –away from home.

If you are looking forward to working remotely in a typical co-working environment, here are some of the famous coffee shops or cafes in Melbourne to try out:

#Mr Tulk

The famous café in Melbourne has been named after Mr Tulk –the first-ever Chief Librarian of the State Library. The café is a modern-style dining hall that is located at the State Library, Victoria. The café sports a large communal table at its center providing the perfect space for studying as well as working on your laptop. The café is known to provide the best coffee on your trip to Melbourne.

There is also the presence of a domed reading room. The exterior of this café is also quite interesting as it features a beautiful area with wooden benches and umbrellas for shade. The café delivers interesting menus for breakfast and lunch along with the famous Happy Hour timing from 4-6pm on every Fridays.

#Two Lost Boys

Since its inception in 2013, the café cum coffee shop has been providing the perfect getaway to those who wish to study or work in peace. The café overlooks the famous Windsor Station in the city. The daily menu is filled with a plethora of delicious breakfast options.

There is also an offering of the scrumptious toasties menus along with a separate cabinet for wraps and sandwiches. The café is licensed and serves to be a great place to work as well as unwind yourself during the afternoon. It is a famous coffee shop with nice ambience.

#Auction Rooms

Situated in North Melbourne, the café is known to be a part of the prestigious St Ali family in the city –offering nice views.The family is a pioneering name in the specialty coffee industry of the city. The café serves the exclusive St Ali Coffee along with exciting all-day menus featuring brunch dishes like Middle Eastern, Mexican, and Asian flavors.

The cafeteria is also famous for its unique industrial interiors –right from the presence of distressed brick walls to concrete floors. For those who are looking for a place to work remotely, they can get access to the wide number of seating options along with good Wi-Fi support for students and workers.

#Seven Seeds

It is a famous hotspot for all the coffee-lovers of the city. At the same time, it is also a famous café for students, freelancers, and budding entrepreneurs. The place features a classic wood-paneled warehouse that has been converted and boasts abundant seating options along with a large-sized communal table. The café is situated in Carlton –quite close to the Melbourne University.

As such, the place is always buzzing with students and young freshers who like to hang out here. The splendid menu of the café features amazing dishes like French toast that has been French-infused, porn neck roti, chicken Cubano, and so more.

#A Minor Place

It is the destination wherein local students and remote workers from Brunswick in Melbourne hang out quite often. The place is known to provide access to a wide series of power points along with Wi-Fi access. However, this is not just the reason for why people like to hang out at this amazing café.

The people are drawn to the warm & soothing interiors of the converted cottage. Moreover, the café also offers the exclusive all-day menus featuring bubble ‘n; squeak, bagels, and a lavish Brazilian breakfast. You can look forward to relaxing at the large communal table as you sit down with your laptop and work. The café also plays relaxing tunes of jazz and instrumentals to allow you to have an unwinding experience.

#Naughty Boy Café

This famous café is situated on Lygon Street across the Princes Hill and Carlton North. The café is quite popular amongst the young group of people for its free shakes as well as free Wi-Fi access. Moreover, the café is also famous for serving amazing desserts and beverages like smoothies, Allpress coffee, and so more. Additionally, the café also has an all-day delicious food menu representing pulled lamb grain salad, krispy chicken bao bun, and so more.

#The Queensberry Pour House

The place has been designed after a famous American diner. This implies that you are going to get unlimited coffee refills –a perfect thing for those who wish to work here remotely in a co-working space environment. You can start feeling at home instantly in this cozy café. The café also provides access to free Wi-Fi along with a hand-written menu displaying a plethora of options. Some of the leading options to try out here are the meatball sub –an inspiration from American-styled cafes, coffee-soaked pie, vegan delights, cakes, sandwiches, pastries, and so more.

#Penny Farthing Espresso

As per the leading magazine TimeOut, Penny Farthing Espresso has been hailed as one of the favorite destinations for freelancers. This is because the leading coffee shop is known to feature two separate power outlets across the large-sized communal table. Moreover, the café also provides you to access the free Wi-Fi services and a creative mix of all types of customers.

The café is situated in Northcote. The coffee that is offered at this famous coffee house is provided by the local reputed roasters named “Industry Beans.” There is a wide range of delectable dishes awaiting you as well.


Whether you are a freelancer or simply working remotely, make the most of your time and energy by working at some of the famous coffee shops or houses in Melbourne featuring amazing co-working abilities!

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