Lima 5 best coffeeshops

Let’s say you are strolling through Lima and you are craving a hot cup of coffee or maybe searching for a great meeting place with someone. Among all the coffeeshops available, knowing the best option is not easy, and going to the big cafeteria chains might be boring.

That is why we want to help you find the perfect place to enjoy the best hot beverage around the city, get to know the best coffee shops in Lima and what type of experience can they offer to you.

#Café de Lima

Not only have they offered delicious coffee but also tasty food. As one of the best coffee shops in Lima, Café de Lima is well known for its pleasant atmosphere and delicious menu. If you want a meeting point with a partner this can be the place you are looking for.

You can count with great attention and different options of great quality. Additionally, they offer options for vegetarians and vegans diets, so anyone can enjoy their meal and delicious coffee.

#The Coffee Road

The roasting of the coffee plays a key part in the final flavor and in The Coffee Road they know this, roasting every morning the coffee that will be used. You can enjoy high-quality coffee prepared with detailed latte art.

As another perk, the environment is perfect for relaxing and enjoying your coffee with good music and companion. If you have an appetite, you can order tasty desserts and sandwiches that can meet high culinary demands

#Eureka café Lúdico

Sometimes the best way to complement a nice cup of coffee is having a great time with your beloved ones and in this Coffee shop that combination is possible. Considered as one of the best coffee shops in Lima, the innovation of this place is that you have a vast collection of table games that you can use while drinking your coffee.

Time can fly in this entertaining place as you play and enjoy your hot beverages and sweet desserts. All ages can join and have a great time.

#El Bosque Secreto Café

A family-ran coffee shop that will surely win a special place in your heart. Warm attention and nice talks await you along with delicious coffee and homemade-like meals. Take a break from everything and enjoy this cozy place. If you need help to stroll by the city you can ask for orientation here, as the staff will gladly help you

#Puku Puku

The name comes from Quechua language and it is the name of a local bird that sings each dawn serving as an alarm clock and keeping people awake, just like a good cup of coffee you can enjoy in this shop. Their brew coffee menu offers artisanal Peruvian alternatives and it is known for their excellent and kind attention.

This is a perfect coffee shop if you want to spend calm time with friends and pets since it is pet friendly. They also collaborate with the environment, as around 50% of the furniture in their shops is recycled