Marrakesh Coffeeshops

Top 5 coffeeshops in Marrakech with coworking abilities

The people who have been to Morocco will tell you that Marrakech is such a beautiful town. Well, they are utterly right.  There is so much that the city has got to offer. One of the notable things about Marrakech is its café’ culture. It’s just something that you cannot miss because it’s surrounded by so much vibrancy.  Whether it’s a Moroccan or simply a tourist, you will find them all lingering in the coffee shops over a cup of tea or coffee. It’s easy to say that many of the people pass their time in the coffee shops.

The truth is people are always working. Even when on vacation, something might come up and you are forced to get some work done. For this reason, I have been searching around for the best coffee shops in Marrakech with coworking abilities. The fact is there are so many cafes in Marrakech, but not all of them are suitable for coworking.

When looking for a coffee shop that you can spend an hour or two getting some work done; there are some qualities that are vital. For starters, there should be enough seating. Secondly, the place should have minimal noise and secure good quality WI-FI. Here are some of the top picks;

Café des Epices

We live in a fast-growing world, and people are busy every time of the day and even night. That’s why you will find a number of people looking for coffee shops that are suitable for coworking. Café des Epices is one such place. If you love Moroccan culture and art, then it will be easy for you to fall in love with this café. Their menu consists of relaxing beverages such as cinnamon coffee, fruit juices, spicy tea and great snacks. In addition, there are some pretty good Moroccan pastries to go along with it.

Café des Epices is quite a quiet and relaxed place that is appropriate for coworking purposes.  Furthermore, there are many seating places for you. The only drawback is there are times when the café is packed.

Grand café de la poste

Nowadays, I would say that there is a thin line between coffee shops and coworking spaces. This is because many owners have gone the extra mile to make their cafés tranquil for relaxing and working. The Grand café de la poste offers some gorgeous interior design features that are meant to give it a homely feel. 

Comfort is the first thing that will pop up in your mind when you enter this café. The atmosphere around is warm and you can go about your activities with no worries at all. Delight in the French and Moroccan inspired cuisines or a cool drink.

This is one of the coffeeshops I would highly recommend especially if you want to be comfortable when working. They have great seating and you will not even notice time fly by when you are here. Another thing you will definitely like is the ceiling fans that ensure the environment inside the room is conducive.

Elite café

It is understandable to not have enough time to hang out or do something fun such as visiting a fancy restaurant.  In this case, you can come up with a clever trick such as eating at a nice café while coworking. Elite Café is not only a stylish and calm place but is also perfect for doing some work on your PC or tablet. 

It is located in the Gueliz area making it easily available. On a hot evening, you can simply stop by the café and order a light lunch or cold drink. You might also want to taste their ice-cream, crepes and parfait. Am sure you will be pleased to use the free WI-FI to download files or any other notable activity.

Un Dejeuner a’ Marrakech

This is a café that has been around long enough to know what exactly customers need.  It is the perfect choice for cooling your feet after a long day. A relaxed atmosphere surrounds it, making the café appropriate for coworking purposes. If you want to get in some fresh air, there is a roof terrace with impeccable views. 

The food here is mouth-watering, and the French-inspired menu is definitely worth trying.  For instance, they serve the famous warm goat cheese and duck breast salad, avocado sandwich, among other foods. Additionally, you might be pleased to know that the café is only five minutes away from the Jemma el Fna. Un Dejeuner a’ Marrakech is certainly the perfect coffee shop in Marrakech with coworking abilities.

In current world, there has been an increasing number of self-employed people. That’s why there has also been a growing need for coworking spaces. This may not be the first choice, but some coffee shops are great for working purposes. Verily, they are now a preferred option because you can drink or eat something and at the same time work.