Vienna best spots for a coffee break

Vienna best spots for a coffee break

In the Austrian capital, it is best to know the right place to stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee. After all, drinking coffee is considered an important part of the day and it has developed to be part of the social culture. Some of these coffee shops have survived decades and even wars. 

If you need the advice of where you could enjoy the next coffee break, here you can get to know some of the best coffeeshops in Vienna. Lets go for Vienna best spots in Vienna.

# Café Landtmann

A historic establishment founded by Franz Landtmann in 1873. This coffee shop in Vienna is close to some important spots of the city like the Imperial Palace, The city hall, the University of Vienna , and the Burgtheater. You can stop by and rest after the tour visit. The elegant decoration with dark wood and classic trimmed walls is part of the antiquity of this establishment. Of course, the food and coffee served are remarkably delicious.

# Café central

You can’t miss this as it is one of the most popular and recognized coffee shops in Vienna. The glamorous decoration and architecture make it a romantic place perfect for a memorable date. This coffee shop has been the gathering point for many intellectuals and artists. You can take all the time you need to inspire with your lovely cup of coffee. The excellent customer attention, coffee quality, and the elite pastries will make you fall in love.  

# 15 Sweet Minutes Café

If you are craving for a healthy home-like meal, 15 Sheet Minutes Café is your solution. Located near the Belvedere, you can rest your legs here and rejoice with a warm cup of delicious coffee. This is a perfect location to chill and have breakfast or lunch with friends. The fresh decoration matches the hearty menu you can enjoy throughout all day.

# Café Hawelka

This institution in Vienna is well-known as the artist’s coffee shop. Here you want to experience the authentic Viennese coffee experience like a local. The smell of the unique brewed coffee will attract you. This is a calm coffee shop ideal for a reunion with your colleges and friends.  

If you visit after 10 pm, be sure to ask for the famous Buchteln. These yeast buns filled with jam are a signature sweet of this coffee shop, made with the decade-old Hawelka Family recipe. 

# Café Sacher Wien

If you want to learn about the culture of a country you need to taste the best of its traditional plates. So is the case with the classic Sacher cake, an emblematic Viennese pastry. This coffee shop is the ideal place in the city to taste the authentic “Sachertorte”. Of course, the coffee is also exquisitely prepared with the best service to the client.

The classic architecture and history of this coffee shop are remarkable. The big halls and luxury will leave you breathless. It is important to point out that this coffee shop is meant for special occasions, but a luxury once in a while doesn’t hurt.

# Your are on a tour through Europe?

Find the best coffeeshops here and you know where to spend your coffee time!